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Can't get IWD to BG2 working

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Hi all, I'm hoping that someone will be able to help me solve my batch of issues while trying to install IWD to BG2, because this mod looks amazing :)


I'll start off with the general information, although I'm really not sure where the debugging info is kept for this installation, I'll run through it again to verify everything as I go along as well.


IWD is located in C:\Games\Icewind_Dale

BG2 is located in C:\Games\Baldur's_Gate_II

I'm trying to place IWD to BG2 in C:\Games\icewind_tutu

iwd_in_bg2-v7.exe is located in C:\Users\Main\Desktop\IWD.

  1. I run iwd_in_bg2-v7.exe as Administrator and have it extract to C:\Games\icewind_tutu\iwd_in_bg2
  2. Then it asks for my Baldur's gate 2 information, and I provide it C:\Games\Baldur's_Gate_II. This time it accepted it without an issue, however it usually complains about not having access to a file or not being able to find a file.
  3. It copies a whole bunch of stuff and then usually says "Successfully installed" and asks for my IwD installation.
  4. I enter C:\Games\Icewind_Dale and then it tries to make the subdirectories and then it pops open a new batch file, after asking for privllages.
  5. it then says a lot of 'ERROR: BIFF [./DATA/MVEFILE1.BIF] cannot be loaded: Unix.Unix_error(20, "State", "./DATA/MVEFILE2.BIF")', although the actual file changes. It then does a lot of copying and more of these BIFF errors.
  6. This goes on for a while.
  7. Then I get: "Some files are missing - check iwd_in_bg2/lib/missing_files for details. Install will fail." and 1375 lines in the missing_files.2da.
  8. I press enter to exit and both batch files die, and I'm 'done'.




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The converter is failing to find some of the game's core data files. At a guess (since it seems to work for most people) your IWD install is either corrupted or not a full install. Try reinstalling IWD. (The initial "can't find a file" error is harmless.)

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Bleh, that's what I figured. I'm half wondering if its because I have it off GameStop and they buggered something up. Could you let me know how many files are in your IWD installation? Then I can double check to make sure mine is about the same.


Thanks for the help!

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After DavidW's post I was thinking that as well, Kulyok. So I ran the original and noticed I it said "Icewind Dale" and "Heart of Winter", but it didn't say "Tales of the Luremaster" anywhere. So I tried downloading the expansion and running it and it failed to run, not finding an installation of Icewind Dale.


So I redownloaded IWD (At this point I had downloaded IWD 3 times and BG2 twice... Blasted Gamestop...) and retried installing Tales of the Luremaster. Still failed, but I figured I might as well try running IWD in BG2 again - it worked!


I really have no idea what is going on with my installation, but I figure I'd make a backup of the working icewind dale in BG2 just to make sure I didn't break it when I added the Tweak/NPC mods. Really looking forward to using your NPC pack Kulyok! :)


Thanks for the help DavidW and Kulyok - I'm hoping everything works from here on out, but I'll post again once I have everything running... Or break it again!

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Mostly everything works now, the only issue I have now is that all of the NPCs in Kulyok's NPC pack seem to not know what weapons are, all their weapon proficiencies are 'Unused ++'.
That's probably becauswe you used a Tweak mod that alterns the weapon proficiency chart ... I would not use such mods... the IwDinBG2 has it's own set of items and as such you shouldn't try to modify it without expecting the currently not built for said tweak mods to actually work without problems.
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I'd have thought the same, except the only tweak mod I used was the ice tutu tweaks, which we're supposed to use, as far as I understand it.


The only mods I've used are:







In that order. As far as I've read, they all are supposed to be compatible.

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In that order. As far as I've read, they all are supposed to be compatible.
I bet their read mes say thay are compatible with the the primary mod that is IwDinBG2... but you have accord also the fact that the mods need to be compatible with each others... and install order.

Actually this is easy to solve with Shadowkeeper, as you can remove and add the proficiencies you wish.

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