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Version 24(BETA) of Sword Coast Stratagems released


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Saving throws etc: the caveat is that SCS corrects too-poor saves but not too-good saves. That's because sometimes the game deliberately uses an illegal saving throw to make a creature more powerful, and I don't want to break it.


But how do we know that the game is not conversely using an illegal saving throw to deliberately make a creature less powerful?

We don't know, but I don't believe it's especially common (find me a clear case study and I'll reconsider), whereas the converse happens all the time. (And ultimately an AI/tactical mod is going to err on the side of not decreasing difficulty).


It was just a curiosity of mine. I mean, I thought you might have found a... pattern or had information from reliable sources about the illegally low saving throws for some specific creatures. And yes, I do understand of course that SCS is not in the business of making the game easier.


Looking forward to v25! :)

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My game ALWAYS crashes when I scroll down in the Thunder Hammer Smithy shop in Breregost. SCS v24 BGEE v1.2
Are you sure the SCS is the cause ? --change-log the file... the files name should be "taerum.sto" if I am correct. Of course there's always the chance that the game crashes even without the SCS(or in spite of it), in which the case is likely to be that there is a lack of resource in one of the files.

PS, you always need to start a new game to test the update a mod makes unless you have a save before you go to the Beregost for the first time in the save. So make that save...

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There's a problem in minor_bg2.tpa. It assigns spmugg.cre dw#dkmg2.bcs, which results in them being automatically removed after a certain amount of encounters. Unfortunately the first thief stronghold encounter uses spmugg.cre for its ambush. Additionally Blucher's improved random encounters in Tactics/Big Picture also uses it.


Could you therefore add an AreaCheck("AR0300") to their script in order to improve compatibility?




This bug exists in earlier versions as well; it results in a number of encounters (Borinall/Lathander Ring quest, the graverobber in the graveyard, etc) where extra bad guys fail to spawn.

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