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SDL 2.0 released


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SDL, the "simple directmedia layer" we use as a base for our drawing and input, has reached a new milestone:



Don't get too excited though, since this will mostly affect mobile users (where we use sdl2 by default). Now the interfaces are stable and there will be less compile-time problems when building gemrb. Depending on the status/buggyness of their platform specific bits, we may stop using development versions in our builds. That's about it.

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yeah, its a total shame that their render API is 90% perfect for GemRB, but lacks a critical component for dealing with palettes. If it weren't for that missing piece we could have vastly improved performance on android very easily.


I'm still hoping to mix the render API with pure opengl (possible, but tricky) to bypass the palette issue. Unfortunately the opengl class I was hoping to take had a prerequisite I hadn't met until it was full, so I will have to take it next semester.


At least the API is final so I can again fix the ios build, somebody will have to do a new android build too.

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Well, this sounds promising. I have to admit, even on my new screaming Tegra 3 system, I quit playing BG altogether because it was just too slow, except at unenjoyable resolutions. I think the pure opengl API would be the way to go, unfortunately I'm not a good enough programmer to tackle something like that yet.


So kudos to whoever decides to take this project on for Android - SyntaxError, you probably! We'll just have to wait another semester...

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