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Oversight FAQ


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Q: Are you planning an Oversight for BG1?

A: No. The Oversight mod was written, in large part, because of culture shock. In BG1, all the alignments were carefully and appropriately assigned. In BG2, I wasn't even out of the starting dungeon when I realized something was terribly wrong. If the alignments had been wrong from the beginning of BG1, I would just have accepted it as the way it was--why should I go to the trouble of making them sensible if the writers didn't? But some of the writers did, even if those particular writers weren't around for BG2. I could ramble some more about the differences between BG1 and BG2, but I've used enough words to say "no" by now, I think.


Q: I think something is an oversight in the game. Will you fix it?

A: No. Read here.

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