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Playtesting v7


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Version 7 will have three new components: Valygar romance(ToB), a lovely and innocent bathing scene with Minsc, and a funny encounter with a black dragon in Chapter 7(remember that cup?).


We've got some time before the release, yet, so, please, let me know if you want to playtest it for the time being. It's been alpha-tested and it's working, but another pair of eyes is always helpful.

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What, no one would like to have a bubbly bath with Minsc, polish a black dragon's scales and enjoy a ToB romance with Valygar? Rats. Okay, waiting for French translation then, and afterwards - a quick official release.

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Aww shoot >.< I was too late, it seems. I finally found the forum button here (I know, my eyesight is horrid).

I was the Jenny "bothering" you on Pocketplane, and I'm still excited about Valygar ToB - do you think you know when it will be released? Otherwise I am more than willing to look it over, if the opportunity is still there of course :)


Otherwise I'll just sit and wait like a good little girl! :)

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