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Minsc's portrait for the kidnapping of Boo


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In UB's Minsc quest(The Kidnapping of Boo) Minsc's portrait changes when Boo disappears, and then changes back to Minsc's default portrait. However, some players install their own portraits of Minsc, sometimes well after UB is installed(in the install order), so I can't introduce a variable in UB's .tp2 that would be set to 1 if Minsc's small portrait wasn't his default small portrait.


Is there any other possible way to watch this and not to change Minsc's portrait if the user has a custom Minsc's portrait installed?

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Ask the player if they want to install the portrait changing aspect. Ask them what portraits they want to use with Boo and without Boo. If they choose default (your setup) you make sure Minsc has it properly assigned and set the swap up accordingly. If they choose custom portraits then have them type in the file names, then set things up to use those.


It doesn't monitor what they have, but it gives them the option to have the component and the portrait(s) they want. UB might even be able to offer additional portrait combo options with this setup.

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Yeah, ask the user if they want the changed portrait. There is no way of only changing the portrait if it hasn't been changed by the user. But READLN needs to die. If you want to cater to customisations, I would argue it is in this case easier to just instruct the user to overwrite UB's hamster-less portrait with whatever hamster-less portrait they prefer.

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Hello All, I suspect it is I who's the culprit here. Maybe I'll explain the whole thing.


I installed one of the portrait packs (weidu install) that changes all default join-able NPC's (and a few non-joinable too) portraits to custom ones. Installation went smoothly and portraits were applied correctly.

Now, when I started Kidnapping Boo quest from UB, Minsc's portrait changed to vanilla one (for the record I did not notice it at first but during one of many Minsc banters during quest). Then after quest was completed Minsc's portrait reverted back to the one from portrait pack. So it's not that I stuck with Minsc's vanilla portrait for good, it reverted back, but it would be nice if it could stay custom for the whole quest.


I must admit that I forgot to check if it was only small portrait (the one used during dialog) that has changed or the bigger one (from the record screen) too. But definitely I had in front of my eyes the moment when it reverted back to custom one after completion of the quest.

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Thank you for the advice, guys! Since a silent fix is sort of not possible, I'm leaning to "leave it as it is for the time being"(since it's not a glaring bug, and Cliffette isn't here anyway, and I wouldn't want that to be done to my mod if I were absent, so).

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