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Finished Sawa fight, journal doesn't update or finish quest


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Edit: My bad, there's more to it. That's why it didn't update, until the ghost dude came. I think maybe it would be best in future versions, if you have the time, to update the quest log once after Sawa is dead, and then again after the ghost-messenger.



After defeating Sawara and leaving his little pocket hideaway for good, the journal keeps all those Sawara entries. The last one is the one titled "The Sword," starting with "Sawara has commissioned us..."


I'm not sure if I missed a trigger and thus the XP for finishing it or whether I should just delete the quest entries?


PS. Thoughts on the fight:



That fight is made a bit too easy by his lack of buffs, I think. PfMW means everybody gets normal weapons and as soon as his stoneskins are eaten through, it's over. Maybe another Stoneskin in a Contingency or Sequencer, some Fireshields, or Mirror Images and SI:Div would have bumped the difficulty a bit higher. Switching PfMW for one of the Mantles would have made the fight impossible with the Spell Trap though. If he doesn't get interrupted, it's pretty impossible to save against his Timestopped Finger of Death, which almost always goes straight for charname and forces a reload. Basically, if you are successful at interrupting/killing him before he can Time Stop you win easily. Otherwise you lose in a horrible, horrible bloodbath!



As for the mod as a whole, it's definitely my favorite NPC mod so far. I wish it wasn't the same person voicing Xan and Angelo, though (as they're both in my party), not to mention Sawara as well.

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Hey ^_^ So glad you liked the mod. By "the ghost dude," do you mean Ginpachi? Because yes, it's his appearance that wraps the quest for SoA. It would be a good idea to have the journal update after Sawara's death, although I was under the impression that Ginpachi showed up pretty promptly after the PC left Sawara's house. Maybe he was a little late in your game?


As for the fight, to be honest, if it's beatable, I'm all in favor of that. I had this irrational urge to make it a really hard fight--but really, there's no reason Sawara should be any harder than any other level-appropriate enemy in the game, especially when not fighting him is hardly an attractive option. I think first-time modders just have this urge to make their bad guys tough, but if I could do it over, there's a lot of things I'd change; either making the non-violent solution genuinely attractive, or bringing Sawara into line with the game's other villains and not pretending he was some kind of unique badass.

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