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Kulyok's very short NPC creation guide


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Download Branwen from http://www.pocketplane.net/oneday


It should have everything for your modding needs and more: explanations, commentary, endless reminders for you to get your own modding prefix from here: http://forums.blackwyrmlair.net/index.php?showtopic=113 and, most importantly, easy working code you can steal and use.


Just open her files, line by line, and you'll see how Evil and Great Modding Thingies are done. The Readme has further instructions and cookies.

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Good! I could always use a free typo hunter or two. It's not much different from Coran's code, though - just extensively commented, not traified, and romance-related stuff added. Oh, and I added a line about flirting technology developed for Kelsey by jcompton and Ghreyfain, because that's cool stuff. I used a flirt counter variable instead of randomizing, though - this way you only need to write eighteen Branwen-initiated flirts instead of fifty.

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I'll put the link here because I don't know where else. Short version. If your mod NPC has a custom kit with CLAB effects, make sure the cre-file provided in the mod package is stripped of these effects, as they get applied upon joining the group, hence they would be present twice/doubled if the cre file has them already (goes for BG2 and all EE-games):



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hence they would be present twice/doubled if the cre file has them already

Actually the game checks if the CLAB files content matches the existing effects of the creature... it's far more likely that the effects timer doesn't match properly, aka it's unintended one, or the exact effect doesn't match because the effect was edited. And thus the ability is doubled. This is also a warning that you should never apply kit effects via ADD_CRE_EFFECT ... in any shape, form.
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