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BG1 NPC Project multiplayer problems


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I'm playing a multiplayer game of Baldur's Gates using BGT. We have the NPC project installed and are currently playing through the first game, but we are encountering issues with the dialogue that takes place between characters.


Specifically, if a character starts dialogue with another character controlled by the same human player, everything works fine, but if that character starts dialogue with a character controlled by the other human, there is no response. I feel confident that we are not having any other mod conflicts, because everything works as intended if we copy our multiplayer game over to single player.


I'd love to be able to resolve this problem, because this mod is really fantastic and we are enjoying it when it is functional. If I need to provide any more information or otherwise clarify the issue, just let me know. Thanks a bunch for your help.

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Same thing happens with Bioware NPC's, both in BG1 and BG2 vanilla (difficult to notice in BG1 since only few NPC's have banter in vanilla). Since it has been reported quite a few times in fixpack/bg:ee suggestions etc. it seems to be a rather nasty engine problem, unfortunately.

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That's really a shame, and yes, the NPC's in question are near each other generally. I can't say they are every single time but enough times that is clearly the case.


Are there any workarounds to this, however slight? For instance, is it recommended to pair up certain NPC's well on one player and others on another, or something like that? Is there any information on where the problem begins? For example, does it start the first time that a given NPC is traded over to another human player? I have noticed that treating characters back and forth seems to have no positive effect once the problem has begun.

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