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Trap and Locked Door/object XP Question


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Hello. I've been playing BGT for a bit now, and I've noticed that the trap and locked door/object xp award has capped (it seems) at 61xp for locks and 64 xp for traps. I've noticed that this does this regardless of the thief's level. (It happened on a Assassin/Mage 22/25 that I imported into a new BGT game. This carried over into the BGII portion of the game and never increased even in ToB.


My install:



GOG BG2: SoA & ToB

BG2 Fixpack v10

BG2 Tweakpack v13


Sorry, I don't remember off hand which options I have installed. I know I don't have the thieving in heavy armor components, the unlimited traps, or the remove all traps/locks components installed. I also have removed the level cap (max level 50).


If anyone has any ideas, please let me know what you think could be the issue.


Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place.



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Go to the BG2 game folder, you'll find a folder called override go there, and then you'll find a lot of files, one of them is the "xpbonus.2da", open the file with Notepad and you can edit it with that as much as you like, but try to keep the format as it's important, and then save the file and you are done, go back to playing the game. Ouh, and the traps and lock pick rewards are actually backwards...

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