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Mods for NWN?

Randall Good

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Hi there! I'd like to first express my unending gratitude for the amazing mods on this site. I just finished BG1 with an assortment of mods that added so much more to the game. And before that I finished Icewind Dale with the NPC mod. Awesome. The games are really much more fulfilling when it feels like I'm actually adventuring with real people who interact with each other. Of course, I now have to compile what will surely be a huge list of mods for BG2 to try out, but I thought that for the moment I'd take a break from the Infinity Engine and replay Neverwinter Nights.


I was hoping to find a site comparable to G3 which might offer mods to add content, npcs, etc. to the original campaign, but navigating through the morasse of NWN vault hasn't been very fruitful. I would have actually posted this on their forum if the link to their general discussion forum didn't instead send me to a Bioware ad page. So, I'm asking here, because people are awesome here. Does anyone know any particular mods that add to the original campaigns? Specifically, I'm interested in those adds which increase the interaction between characters to flesh them out or add new ones, like banter packs do.

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