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Editing druid form stats in Icewind Dale 2


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This is my first time on this forum, hello everyone then. First I apologiese for my english language, but I am terrible in english, and this is not my mother tongue.

I do love Icewind Dale 2 because I am a very big fan of druid character. My point is, that in IWD2 druid has some lacks in AC when shapeshifted. I don't want to DC druid to monk class, because I like this class to be pure. I was looking for some kind of tools to edit game files. I would like to simply edit some of druid forms, give them some more stats and boost AC for some of them. What I need is an advice, or mayby even step by step guide on how to get to editing, which files, which editor etc.

Just an example of what I want to achieve: Great Panther has only 20 AC, I would like to boost it to 28, or 30. I am thinking about one bonus attack per round aswell.

If someone have an idea, or can help me in this case, I will be very thankful :)

Thank you in advance!

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Welcome to G3 Ungadis. :)


I'm not much of an Icewind Dale 2 modder, so I'm not sure exactly where the precise files you'll need to edit are, but you'll need some tools to do it with. I think Near Infinity would let you do the editing, which you can find here: http://www.shsforums.net/topic/45358-nearinfinity/


Alternatively, there's DaleKeeper 2, which might be able to let you add AC directly (look at the bottom for the final beta).


You might have to ask about a bit to find the exact druid form files needed to modify using Near Infinity, but hopefully this can get you on the right track.

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