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mouse pointer problem


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hi all,




i am started having problems with my bg1 tutu game - the mouse pointer doesn't switch to interaction signs (talk or attack), instead it gives a description of the creature i am pointing at.

the problem is only when i run tutu, the regular bg2 is ok.

how do i switch back to the default interaction mode?

i'm not sure it's the right section for my question, but if not could someone direct me where to post it?

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I assume you wouldn't like to use the English only EasyTutu, as you use the BG1Tutu, hmm, are you using the BG1Tutuv4 or ?

Hmm, on the other side, the description of the creature comes up when you point to it long enough, or use the Tab key to pop it up faster, so knowing that it might be that, a newer wireless keyboard/it's drivers might always be send a signal that the old game falsely thinks the key is down although its not... so switching the keyboard might help. And you can actually just point the creature and though it shows the creatures name, it will do the default action(talk/attack) to it after you click the creature.

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