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Opinions on Sarah's Friendship Path


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Alright, so I haven't ROMANCED Sarah yet, but I've gone through the friendship path a bit. Overall, I like Sarah. She's a sweet girl, seems to like to laugh and have fun which is absolutely adorable, and most of my bhaalspawns would likely find her quite enjoyable to have around. However... erm, one moment, spoiler tags time.



Okay, the issue I have is how she seems to be determined that the PC is a serious stone-face of some sort. When she calls my impish jester character - whom is absolutely covered in sparkly dusts, in mostly pinks, purples and blues - serious, I must say it ruins a lot of the mood and makes her seem an almost outside character - like she's not even in the same party. :/ I guess you were assuming she'd be friended by male bhaalspawn, but even men can be happy and cheerful. :)



I intend to continue befriending Sarah, and further, I'm hoping to get through the current four games I've got going (*cough!*) >.>; <.< ;) and eventually romance her. She IS a neat character to have around! :)

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