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Is this mod installation order correct?

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Hello everbody!!


After some fairly extensive reading I have decided to install the following mods in the following order; please can anybody tell me if it will be OK like this or if there are any glaring conflicts or other problems etc.



TOB Patch



G3 Fix Pack


Item Upgrade





Kivan and Deheriana

Longer Road


Unfinished Business

Check the bodies

Fishing for trouble

The sell swords

Back to Brynnlaw


Fading promises

Elistraee’s Song

Tales of the Deep Gardens


The White Queen

I shall never forget

Wheels of Prophecy


Romantic Encounters

Banter Pack

Flirt Pack

IEP Extended Banters

Crossmod Banter Pack



BG2 Tweaks

Item Revisions




Widescreen Mod



Thank you very much to anybody who takes the time to answer me, it is greatly appreciated. :)

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Why not use the newest BWS and let it handle the install order ?


But to answer the question; Basically yes, but the Tactics in that position needs the BWP fix/patch to stop it from overwriting everything, but you could put it to the top of the install order(well after Ascension). But I would recommend to use the BWS, and customize your install so it picks the mods you have chosen. In this:


So select the Compilation: Tactics and then push the "..." button to customize it to remove all the mods you have not chosen.

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Actually it takes the BG1 info and inserts it to the BGT if you choose to insert the Directory for the Baldur's Gate in the above picture... but it's not needed, as is none of the other mods if you choose not to use them... well you need the BWP tools.

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