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TBGCoM: Yoshimo Romance v2.1 Released

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Yoshimo Romance v2.1 available


Sometimes there is a redemption or second chances. Do you know what happens when you try to defy a Geas? It hurts. It hurts and then you die. I have but two options. A slow and painful death for failing to kill you, or a swift one in battle.


Yoshimo Romance mod turns Yoshimo, the infamous bounty hunter, into a romanceable character. It lets female characters listen to new stories, hear about some bits of his life back in Kara-Tur and in Amn. Even though the mod itself does not change Yoshimo's fate, it adds some post-Brynnlaw content through new characters and original BioWare companions, mostly Imoen. Thanks to them, and the new encounters, you will experience some content throughout SoA and ToB.

Version v2.1 provides gets rid of serious typos and grammar mistakes.




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