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Hopefully simple question....


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Greetings all, first, I must say I was quite, stoked, and a little surprised to see that BG still had a healthy community, much love to all the modders and tweakers for keeping the flame alit. It is a real testament to the love of the genre and love for the game. Im enjoying the hell out of my recent playthrough, probably the fifth time this game has been installed, I dont have too many others that I can say that about, a couple but tis not the norm.

My question is this, Tweakpacks, Fixpack, or both ?

Just threw a fresh install on my drive, and was about to throw a few mods on, and was trying to ascertain the difference between, bg2tweaks-v14, and, or bg2fixpack-v10.

Should I install both. I have previously and it worked fine, but I am really curious as to the answer to the question should one the other or both be installed, and if so will the order of install be important ?

Thanks , and...



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Well you "need" both as they do totally different things... and install the Fixpack first. Ouh, and if you wish to, you can install a large amount of mods as they all do almost different things, and there's more than 400 of them... it's easy to install a few mods, but to install all of them you need to install them with the community asset called BiG World Setup. As there¨s some compatibility concerns and install order issues.

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If you install BG2Fixpack, some of the little things in the game will change, but it's made in the honest spirit of fixing-little-things - no lovetalks in dragon lairs, that sort of thing.


BG2Tweaks allows you to change stuff, do things developers didn't intend, but these things make the game better: for example, More Interjections makes your party members say their lines during quest dialogue(without this component, they often miss it), or you can get an extra attack for the Grand Mastery, the way BG1 worked.


There are also other mods - new quests, new NPCs, more banters, more flirts, being able to choose class and stats for your party members, widescreen mod and many others. Naturally, I won't hesitate to recommend EasyTutu with BG1 NPC mod - you're getting a whole new game in BG2 engine with lots of party interaction. (I wouldn't choose a 100+ mods install, since these mods are of varying quality, and installing them and trying to play them would be rather a pain. But trying something new? I'm all for it, which is why I've written a few mods, myself).


And reading Readmes is important - both Fixpack and Tweakpack readmes answer your question.

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