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No extra conditions for CD_STATE_NOTVALID?


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I recently had a bug report for the Sellswords - a conversation halted(just around Aerie's interjection). When the player dismissed Aerie from the party, the dialogue played smoothly.

The dialogue looks like this:



@785 /* *You serve him. How else do you call it?* */

== AERIEJ IF ~InParty("Aerie") InMyArea("Aerie") !StateCheck("Aerie",CD_STATE_NOTVALID)~ THEN @786 /* Erm... friends? No, not friends. Allies? Um, not exactly. Ahh... a passing acquaintance? Um, very passing. */

== ANOMENJ IF ~InParty("Anomen") InMyArea("Anomen") !StateCheck("Anomen",CD_STATE_NOTVALID)~ THEN @787 /* Do not play with words, creature! Will you help or not? */

== HAERDAJ IF ~InParty("Haerdalis") InMyArea("Haerdalis") !StateCheck("Haerdalis",CD_STATE_NOTVALID)~ THEN @788 /* I suddenly feel a little light... My raven, do you truly wish to reveal our innermost thoughts to this creature? I confess, I do not find the experience pleasing. */

== JAHEIRAJ IF ~InParty("Jaheira") InMyArea("Jaheira") !StateCheck("Jaheira",CD_STATE_NOTVALID)~ THEN @789 /* I thought they'd would be more concerned about the githyanki. Aren't they ancient enemies? */

== KORGANJ IF ~InParty("Korgan") InMyArea("Korgan") !StateCheck("Korgan",CD_STATE_NOTVALID)~ THEN @790 /* The dark skin who puts gold in our purses and meat in me belly, sure enough! */

== O#LLILL1 @791 /* *Silence. I see our ancient enemy in your thoughts. Kalach-Cha... yes. They are here, and they are hunting. Kimmuriel was wise to leave your mind open to us.* */



As you see, all interjections use ~InParty("Aerie") InMyArea("Aerie") !StateCheck("Aerie",CD_STATE_NOTVALID)~. I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong:

- InMyArea should suffice, right? The interjection won't break if two NPCs are in the same area, but far, far away from each other?

- CD_STATE_NOTVALID has all the necessary checks, right? If Aerie's not able to talk, CD_STATE_VALID should catch that, correct?


Or maybe my .d grammar's not correct? I rechecked this twice, but if you can spot something, please, let me know.

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That is really strange - The only thing I could think of is that Aerie maybe was outside and the PC inside a house (or something) and InMyArea() gave true due to some strange Masterarea / Area thing but the dialogue broke because she was not in the shown area? If that made any sense.

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Checked it in-game(sent Aerie to another house in the area), didn't work(edit: couldn't replicate it, I mean - the interjection didn't happen, which is, well, correct). Regular interjections with Aerie work fine, this interjection with Aerie worked fine too(on my computer, but apparently not on the player's). Sigh. Anyway, if something's wrong, we'll probably have more reports soon.


(Maybe some other mod changes Aerie's dialogue file, though?)

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