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Blank items


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Hey lads. 1st of all my thanks for still being active with this mod. I have a question if you could please help a dummy.


After installing SCS 24 my items info screens go nuts. Seems to happen only with magical items.


Most likely the fault is on my end and on my mod installing skills but asking help here in case some of you have encountered this aswell. Wondering if i can fix this by removing some component or do i need new install.


Couple examples below





Thanks in advance

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Ahh, so the items actual description is blank while the it's restrictions(Not usable by...) stay. Well, the SCS 24 is a beta still... hmm, did you have a clean game before installing the last patch to the game and then install the mod, as otherwise, it will make a lot of bad cheese.

And yeah... the last BGEE patch has been said to be quite bad from the moding of the game point of view.

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Ye, new install. Items themselfs are usable tho so no worries there, but that blank screen is not too pleasing to look and forces one to pretty much know by heart what the item provides.


Going to try new install today. Already deleted whole BG folder so im starting from scratch.



Edit: fresh install and same problem. Oh well, items still work, even tho their description page looks ugly. This mod does so many other amazing things so i think i can endure this little bug.

Hopefully it gets sorted out on bg2:ee version.

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Hmm strange, after reinstall of the game and mod i only checked the very 1st vendor there is, aka the candlekeep Winthrop, few of his items had this issue. Decided not to let this bother me, i continued playing.


Rest of the items i now keep finding are normal. Including those 2 on the opening post which i now reacquired.


Edit: chapter 4. Just did bandit camp. All items looking normal thus far. Dont known what caused the original fluke but this time all seems to be good.


Keep up the good work and thanks for replying :)

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