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Starting the game without Jaheira and Minsc


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But why ?

K, so you can do this a little bit easy, whell it's hard still in BGT-weidu, you just have to have them join the group, kill them without the cut up kill animation(so the last hit needs to hit less than 10 damage over the last hitpoint), so they remain in the party, dead, before you talk the last time to Belt, and then talk to him and go to the SoA. Yes, they'll be dead, but such is life.

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It should be easy to mod them out of the starting dungeon: it takes a single block in their scripts.








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Thanks, Kulyok. I'll try that out. But shouldn't it also be possible to use Shadow Keeper to edit a flag/variable in my BG1 savegame that will simply disable Jaheira and Minsc? I guess I'll look into that too.
Well, not really as the game doesn't take any flags from the imported saves.


Kulyok also didn't say, but you have to extend the creatures active script with the block and the solution doesn't actually not create them, it just removes them at the very first time it's possible. Yes, and for that you have to learn weidu.exe code a bit.


Again I ask why ?

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I want to do a playthrough with just Imoen and my PC having to brave the horrors of the dungeon alone, that's why. It's added incentive that I'm one of those few people who's not too fond of Jaheira and even less so of Minsc. I suppose I could just leave them to die in the dungeon, but I'm not RPing an evil PC.

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