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Bugs, typos and other issues


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Hello @Kulyok and hello everyone!

I don't know if you still read this forum and this topic, I know I'm super late to the party ^^', but I was trying to use your Angelo Mod on my OSX version of BG2EE, and I noticed it didn't have the audio. I thought it could be because of the "oggdec.exe" file in the "Audio" folder, which is useless on OSX. If that's why, where may I find the "oggdec" version compatible with OSX?

Thank you in advance if you'll ever read this message, and thank you for all your bg-mods, I played many of them in the original games, and now I'm trying to play them again on the enhanced edition, I'm nostalgic ;)!


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Playing v6 with EE on PC and ran into a bug with the Master Wraith encounter; Shar-Teel appears, Angelo says his voiced reaction, but instead of going to Shar-Teel's lines the dialogue just ends. Clicking on Shar-Teel doesn't get her talking, and clicking the Gorion-wraith just makes him repeat what he's already said (and create another Shar-Teel, which is admittedly an amusing side effect.)

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@scutter Somehow the .cre-file patching for Shar-Teel's dialogue was lost in v6. Put the attached cre-file into your override folder (replacing the old) and load a save before you enter the area where the master wraith is in and it should work.

Will be fixed in v7.


EDIT: My bad. The now attached cre should work.



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Guest Karlstegger
4 hours ago, Guest Karlstegger said:

Hi there....


Really liking the mod so far. I have just encountered an error which I'm almost certain is due to the Angelo mod. In Chapter 6 after I return to Amkethram, whenever I visit the Government Districk, my party is immediately teleported (in a cut-scene) to a small estate or something like that - problem is the cut-scene never ends so my party is just stuck there and I have to abort the game.


Any idea if this can be fixed in any way?


If this is somehow not connected to this mod, I sincerely apologise of course.


Apparently I'm using version 6 (downloaded it some time ago).

Finally found my login for this forum :)


To my horror I see that I posted the above in the wrong thread - any chance to move it? or it is ok?

Also due to another brain freeze I typed Amkethram - it's of course Athkatla.

Sorry for the mistakes - still hoping to get a solution so I can get on with this fantastic mod:)

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oh god, I tried to merge the posts and it got rid of the logged in post instead of the guest one
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I read Athkatla without noticing, now what does that say about me? 😅

I don't think this is Angelo. I see two instances where a cutscene-like moment is created in any of the city areas, but without teleport to another area, just spawning of some creatures.

You could post the content of your weidu.log for starters. If noone is able to identify which mod would do this, I fear the only good way to debug this is on your side - by installing the Stutter Debug Tool (which will give the name and script block number of the script starting the cutscene - hopefully you can see it before the cutscene starts), and then by looking up that script with Near Inifnity and posting the content of the block with the appropriate number here.

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Oh, that is unexpected. I did assume the "ADSawaraIsNotHome"  might be at "1" which would mean she's not in that room to initiate dialogue and that's the reason why the cutscene hangs.

EDIT that is "AD Sawara Is Not Home" btw, with a capital "i"

Okay, do you have a mod item katana "The Soul of the Deep" in the inventory, and at which value is Global("ADAngelTeleportedTo","GLOBAL")?

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That would definitely explain why she isn't there, heh.

OK. Note for debugging: will add !Dead("ADSawara") check to AR1000 script.

Help for you: set via cheat before going to the Government District:


This will prevent the cutscene. I am not sure whether you hit an unintended dead end with regard to the quest, though.

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