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BG2:EE-related bug reports


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BG2EE just came out, and we're not all familiar with it yet, so I decided to open a new topic - because when I get a BG2EE-related bug report, myself, I'm pretty much helpless.


I'll start, then. I've got this bug report(I think it's for Anne's encounter for Romantic Encounters): a character approaches the party, but instead of talking

"In blue it says 'Invalid 109261:' Then in white it says, 'Invalid 109263'. I have the typical options to reply, but they all begin with 'Invalid' and then some number."


What can it be, what should my approach be to such a problem?

(I checked the .tra file, it seems plain English)

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It means the DLG contains string references not found in the TLK. Typically this is the result of an incorrectly installed mod. E.g., something on the user's side might have told WeiDU to install to a .tlk in the root game directory, instead of the correct .tlk in lang/etc.

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Thank you! It doesn't depend on the .tp2, no? Because I place the same lines no matter which game it is, BG2 or BG2EE(no checks):




LANGUAGE ~English~ ~English~ ~RE/English/Setup-RE.tra~



COMPILE ~RE/Anne/RE_Anne.d~




And what can I recommend to the user to avoid this issue, to enjoy the mod properly?

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Well, it is difficult to say without knowing more of the circumstances. But some general advice would be to not copy the .tlk to the root game directory or make any hardlinks (or symlinks) to it. If the installation fails, it's because he or she is doing it wrong and he or she should fix that instead.

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Addendum: this can also be caused by installing mods to language X and playing the game in language Y. Consult weidu.conf to see which language WeiDU used when the mod was installed.

I had no problem with my German mod texts in an en_US BGII:EE game.
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Mixing two or more languages in the same TLK is not a problem. BG:EE includes multiple TLKs, and I assume BGII: EE will come to do so as well. In these cases you can get invalid strings by installing the mod to one TLK but playing the game with another TLK loaded. The file weidu.conf contains the path to the TLK that was used when the mod was installed. This has to match the language you play the game in.

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