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[BGEE] New TOH format variant

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Talk override files are used for storing user-specific text (e.g. journal entries, map markers) and can be usually found only in SAV files. BG2EE uses a slightly different variant of the TOH file format. It combines both TOH and TOT files that are present in SAV files of old IE games into a single TOH file.


Main header:

Offset    Size    Description
0x0000    4       Signature ('TLK ')
0x0004    4       unknown (always 0x02)
0x0008    4       unknown
0x000C    4       Number of strref entries
0x0010    4       Start offset of strref entries


Strref entry:

Offset    Size    Description
0x0000    4       The STRREF to override or new unique STRREF (if >= 3,000,000)
0x0004    4       Start offset of the override string (relative to the start of the Strref entries section!)


Override string:

A simple null-terminated string of arbitrary size.

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