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Compatibility with DR, BG2 Tweaks, SCS and SP


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I want to try your mod in a BGT install, and I want to know how it relates with other mods like Galactygon's Spellpack 6, which has many of the IWD priest spells presented here. He changed them to make several spells interact amongst themselves, so I ask if these versions of the same spells interact in some way too. Also, I'd like to know how this mod relates with other G3 mods such as Divine Remix and BG2 Tweaks. Does Divine Remix undo the spellbook changes done here? Can I end up with enemy priests having memorized spells they don't know from the CLAB spells, even if I edit the CLABs to not assign the new spells? And for BG2 Tweaks, which version of "IWD graphics" is better? The same stands for "commoners use drab colors" and "two-handed axes". And last, how does this mod relate with SCS in terms of these spells being detectable? This could bypass the scripts of enemy spellcasters and break the challenge if one resorts to using undetectable spells against them. I'm only asking because I want to know what I should do to make these mods work together. Thanks in advance.

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