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BG2: EE Issues


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So Tyris seems to install just fine as long as you move or copy the dialog.tlk file. She shows up and everything seems to work except for 2 major issues:

1) Every time she starts a convo with Viconia ("why are drow considered evil..") my game hard crashes.

2) Her romance never seems to trigger. She will talk to other NPCs in the party and make various other comments, but the romance variables don't even show up in the save file.


Has anyone had her work properly?

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Im very interested to know IF and WHEN this mod will be made EE compatible.


Only played it once before a few years back on the original release of BG2. I enjoyed what i saw and am quite keen to try her out again.


Is this mod still being worked on?



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I have a problem similar to pudarklord with Tyris. she has had 2 hard crashes for me. 1 is a conversation with Mazzy, where they talk about steriotyping, and the game would crash when Mazzy utters the line: "And this coming from an amazon warrior maiden?"

The other problem is with Romance Trigger 18, following the Lovetalk Guide, where if i rest, the game will try to trigger the conversation, and in doing so crash.


Is there any way to avoid or curcumvent this? It would be a shame if i had to cross her off as not working, as she has so far been very entertaining and quite well done.

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