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A question about the STATE_OUT_OF_ACTION check


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What are you trying to do ?


Usually what's done is append the game file with a weidu.exe -.tp2 code -action:

 // Adds CD_STATE_NOTVALID state

And then the .baf checks for that CD_STATE_NOTVALID , as that allows the checking of all the major disability things at ones.

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I'm not using Weidu, I'm editing the eSeries scripts in Near Infinity. I'm trying to expand on the targetting parameters that were used, to make my characters behave a bit more intelligently. The eSeries made a very good start, but there's still some room for improvement IMO. I want my party members to only target characters that pose an immediate threat, then clean up the rest at the end of the battle. Any thing that's out of action should be ignored, and dealt with after the still active enemies have been taken care of. But I'm not sure if STATE_HELPLESS, which is included in the STATE_OUT_OF_ACTION shortcut, also applies to Held characters or whether I should add a seperate Stat check for them. I'd like to add as many conditions as possible to my targeting parameters.

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