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Planescape feedback options not saving in GemRB?


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Hey guys!


I can't believe this exists, so stoked that I got this all working on my Galaxy Note using 0.8 GemRB


Planescape runs great and everythings nicely aligned but I can't seem to get gameplay options for always run, gore, and dithering to stay saved. Same with anything in the feeback options(those that pertain to floating text and emotes) as well as any of the auto-pause settings.


I was able to edit the torment.ini to turn on dithering and run(though run still doesn't work) but the other stuff after selected always de-selects as soon as I leave the option screen.


Is this a known issue?

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partly/mostly. The complicated overhead text system for pst is still missing and gore has no effect anywhere (it's on by default, since we don't have graphical chunking yet).


Always run, autopause and saving worked when I last tried it (though it wasn't on android).

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