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BG2:EE Compatibility?

enigmatic fluff

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I am sorry if this has already been posted!

After some googling I found others were curious as well.


I absolutely love the kits included in this, would love to see full compatibility with BG2:EE particularly to repair their awful translation of a Shadowdancer.


After installing however, all the kits are blacked out for me, so I presume I am either really a dumby or it's not compatible yet.


Pulease purdy pulease gibberling doodz, halp meh. :C



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Alas, this is me bumping the topic again.


I'd be willing to make a donation if Song and Silence as well as Sword and Fist could be looked at for compatibility with the new enhanced editions.

You know you want them dollars, authors.


In the mean time, is there any way to convert these kits to be compatible with the enhanced editions?

I did see some very vague tutorials that required a knowledge of complex physics and contacting multidimensional beings.



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I did see some very vague tutorials that required ... and contacting multidimensional beings.
One of these critters says "Hiiiaaaih, hey, erhm you summoned me ?" The Imp first of all hugs you and also point to there, "You meat this ? Did you ? That with the knowledge that you can edit the .tp2 files with the Notepad, you should be on your way." Now, with the Legendary Catastrophe behind him. The Imps is away.
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Alrighty, so I've taken to just extracting and creating my own separate abilities for shadowdancers.


Shadow Jump: Basically Dimension Door, but innate.

Shadow Blade: Re-hashed Phantom Blade into 3.5e-ish Shadow Blade.

Shadow Replication: Not exactly PnP 100%, but instead of creating a single mirror image after moving through shadows you can create one as an innate ability.

Shadow Servant: Re-hashed Invisible Stalker. Cannot attack, tad like Wizard's Eye.


There are some others I wanted do to, such as Shadow Forth (which would be a heavily edited Wraith Form.)

Perhaps some unique Shadowdancer HLAs when I can figure those out, or if I can figure them out.

After that it is somehow making them into a kit that can modular install.


I'm learning, but if anyone is interested in helping or poking around at files, I am not opposed to uploading them.

Currently I'm using DLTCEP and EEKeeper.

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My sense, having very briefly installed v6 on EE and non-EE games (I haven't looked at the .tp2), is that they simply disabled the Shadowdancer kit component for EE installs. You could probably just open the S&S .tp2 in a text editor and change the line that disables it. You'd end up with 2 Shadowdancer kits but it would be easy to tell them apart.


Replacing the EE kit is certainly possible. All I think would be necessary is for some SET_2DA_ENTRY commands to zero out the kit in CLSRCREQ.2da. Then it would be disabled - but still visible - in the selection screens, like the Dwarven Defender when you're making a human fighter. To clarify things the vanilla kit title could be changed via STRING_SET to "Shadowdancer (old & busted)" or something like that.


But it would still take up one of the precious, precious kit slots. The only way to remove it completely would be to alter the various K_T_x files, which is actually a pain.


Alternatively the vanilla Shadowdancer's various files and values could simply be overwritten by values for the S&S kit... but that would be more destructive, and would not play nice if the user has applied other mods that alter the base game kits.


So yes it could be done, but not without certain compromises.

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