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Vynd Overview

Glam Vrock

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“Why leave? Because in the Underdark, there are mind flayers, beholders and aboleths. Up here, there are sheep. And trees. So I weighed things up and I thought, you know what? How bad could a little sunburn possibly be?”

Burning Wizard Inn, Beregost.

Str: 16
Dex: 19
Con: 15
Int: 16
Wis: 10
Cha: 11
Race: Elf (Drow)
Class: Assassin
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Proficiencies: Long Sword, Dart

"When asked about his past, Vynd wonders aloud how you'd feel if some nosy bastard you barely know asked for your life story. You've pieced together that he's not new to the surface world, and he left the Underdark by choice. Beyond that, he remains a mystery. A snide, abrasive mystery."

Vynd is found in Beregost looking for work, and seems to consider his presence on the surface a non-issue. He is unashamedly self-interested, with a sometimes acidic, sometimes childish, but always relentless sense of humour.

Vynd includes banters with all Bioware NPCs, numerous interjections, a friendship track, and a soundset kindly provided by Icewind Dale.


Player-initiated dialogue becomes available after the first timed friendship talk. However, not all dialogue options appear right at the beginning. More conversations are unlocked as the friendship track progresses, so be sure to check back!


Sick of reputation management? No worries. Vynd knows that being liked has advantages. Though evil in alignment, he'll stick with you no matter how popular you are, and fits right in with a good-aligned party. Unless it includes Kivan. Be warned. Sadly, this feature is not currently compatible with Enhanced Edition.

Huge thanks to G3 for providing this jerk with a home, to Kulyok for her Branwen BG2 NPC tutorial, to cmorgan for crossplatform code, and to everyone else who's made BG:EE compatible mods. Couldn't have made sense of this mess without you.

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Just finished BGEE with Vynd in my evil party, he's a little light on to be taken as the only thief in the party (my bard had a better pickpocket success rate), but his banter with Edwin and Tiax was pretty entertaining and once i got some decent gear on him he earned his spot. Would love to have him in a BG2EE run through with Jan and Edwina.

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That does seem to be a sticking point. Vynd was supposed to be for backstabbing and poisoning rather than general utility, but some people just want a thief to be a thief, which is fair. I'll be including an option in the next version (and BG2) to make him a trueclass or Fighter/Thief multi.

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