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A little flirt for the season


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Well, I've been giving little samples of things around Christmas time while writing for Aklon, and though I've been working on Jaheira pretty much all year, I don't want to let too much of her content slip. So, rather than reveal too much about that, I'll give a tiny taster of a different sort, one of the early flirts the PC can try out on the hapless monk. Not much, but a little stopgap until I can report more substantial progress.




PC: Hey Aklon, if you keep frowning like that your face will crack!


Aklon: In my experience, <CHARNAME>, things break if they are repeatedly distorted. So it may be safer for my face if it remains in its current state. (Aklon smiles widely) But since you seem so insistent, I will take the risk.

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I think this flirt is charming. It is somewhat tongue in cheek, and I really like that. For years I've lurked in waiting for you to complete this project and despite the time that has passed, I am still excited about it. Keep grinding away and you'll eventually get there. These little snippets have kept me coming back time and again. :)

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Thanks Aeiori, I'm glad it works the way it was intended. One of the things I've tried to write into Aklon is that even though he's often serious and will occasionally miss things because of it, he's also aware of it and doesn't take himself seriously, so he has these little moments like this.


Hopefully in the not too distant future there'll be more than just snippets available too.

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Thanks, I'm glad it grew on you. It's meant to be one of the more teasing I'm-not-flirting-with-you-but-I-am kind of things, so it should sound like "You keep doing blah, your face will freeze like that." to some extent. Aklon gets the point in this case, but that doesn't mean he always does...

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