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Adding Info to Record Screen


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I vaguely recall having added some text to the info panel on the record screen at some point in the distant past.


Is this possible or am delusional? I can't seem to remember much about GUI elements aside from the fact CHUs held definitions and BAMs held the graphics.


I suppose I could extend one of the existing strings that gets inserted into the info panel. Not that that would do me much good if I can't insert any dynamic text.


A custom state effect could be a roundabout way of doing it. Or maybe I should wait a few more months to see if tokentxt.2da ever becomes useful in EE.

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This is possible in ToB with restrictions, you are not delusional. It was done in the Glory of Istar mod to display moon phases and such. Tokentxt helps you design custom tokens based on stats.

The problem is, you will still need to hijack some strref in the info panel to include your token.

And it is difficult to find strrefs that are present on all info panels AND in the right place.


Tokentxt breakdown:

TOKEN_TEXT - the name of the token, use all caps

PROTAGONIST - set it to non zero if you want protagonist (Player1) tokens, zero if you want current talker tokens.

STAT - a number from stat.ids, not all numbers are working, just those you can use with CheckStat trigger, this is kinda trial and error.

VALUE - a reference value

EQUALITY - set it to non zero if you want a '<' operator, set it to 0 if you want an equality operator (yeah, right, it is exactly the opposite)

STRINGT - string ref if condition is true (VALUE < STAT) or (VALUE=STAT)

STRINGF - string ref if condition is false (VALUE >=STAT) or (VALUE<>STAT)


I hope this helps.

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Ah, so the new 2da is limited to the stats in the ids file. That begs the obvious question: Is adding new stats possible? I didn't see any stats that could be recycled at a quick glance.


While there's a lot of potential here, it doesn't really do me any good for what I was considering unless I can flip custom flags. I was hoping there would be a way to reference globals and locals, but I guess things are never quite that simple.

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I mentioned stats.ids because that's the easiest way to define the numbers. Sadly, not all listed entries are useful and not all stats are listed in stats.ids either.

EE doesn't have any mechanism to define a brand new stat, but you can use the scriptingstates and the unused weapon slots as Detectable Spells does.

All 'hidden' stats that exist in ToB, also exist in the EE. You better check how DS works.

A warning: these stats might have some side effects, but people seem to use DS even with them :)

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Does this actually work? I am throwing data into the fields and it seems like it should work, but I get nada.


I presume you should have your token surrounded by <> in strref ?


What you did and what you got as a result?


About <>. Yes, you use the tokens as you do with other tokens. This means, you need to mark the strref has tokens in the tlk table as well. Probably weidu does that for new tokens, probably not.

Other than that, i don't know what could possibly go wrong.

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