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Does dispel inviability dispel mirror image?


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Hi everyone,


I have all components installed and I keep running into mages and really nasty demons which cast mirror image. I thought dispel invis. and true site were suppose to eliminate those effects from enemies and they don't appear to be doing that. I also have SCS installed but I believe that SCS doesn't change any spells if SR is installed.


Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong or are there just more enemies which have non-detection?



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Dispel Invisibility does not work against Mirror Image, but True Seeing does. Furthermore, certain demons (e.g. Glabrezus) have permanent MI, and when it comes to mages they may have Non-detection or Spell Immunity: Divination (SCS uses the latter quite often).

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The permanent MI is still reduced when you hit them though. It isn't like you always have a 1/20 chance to even the hit the bugger. SCS demons are hard but thankfully you don't really meet them until after you have reached level 14 (ruby ray) or level 16 (pierce shield).


I noticed this too actually. It makes true sight much more powerful than dispel invis. but dispel invis will still dispel thieves as long as they don't have non-detection (which is VERY rare thank god). I think only certain bosses have non-detection.

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