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Modding under linux?


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Hi everyone,


I have the game running really well with wine and the like. I have tried to follow a few tutorials but I am running into DLL errors with the vb6 stuff when running IEEP so IEEP is out. NI is working perfectly though (more or less). So I am wondering if there are any very simple tutorials, like creating your first item, for linux. Of course, this really could just be a windows thing and I am really trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Any suggestions would be welcome and YES I have been searching for answers but I couldn't find any.


Can I actually create a new item using NI? I am worried about the tlk strings being corrupted but basically I want to do something really basic: I want to create a new item with new strings using tools which work with linux. Can I do this?


Thanks in advance.

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That is fantastic news. I do have weinstall working. Is there a simple tutorial available for WeiDU and linux? I have more or less figured out how to modify an existing item using NI. In your answer, I assume CL to be command line? I use the cl but I just want to check to make sure that I don't have a different meaning. Also, wine and NI work flawlessly.

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By CI (capital I), I mean the branch of NI that has been modified to handle Linux' case sensitivity and WeiDU's convention of lowercasing all files. Without lowercasing and the CI version, NI tends to frequently run into case mismatches. If you are downloading NI from this thread, the ZIP file Sam links to contains both the CI and non-CI build. If you download from Github, the CI version is available alongside the non-CI version.

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