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BGQE: Call for Translations and Proof readers

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-I think this is outdated. Call for more translations if at all then at the end of this thread.


Since v9, there is new content. It's more than just a few lines, I am afraid. I would be very grateful for translations of the new content (including changes of the readme) in the languages:

-Spanish -> will be available in v26
-Polish (is being worked on:Zed, Cahir ?)

Until then, only the completed language versions will be available.

Thank you very much in advance!

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Please check for the new version:


In c#05001.tra, line


@185 = ..~


Was changed to



@190 = ~..~


(Text stayed the same). The .d-file was corrected, accordingly.


In c#q07001.tra, the following line was adapted slightly:


@82 = ~His parents are both of human appearance? Some... accidents of nature are hard to explain.~


Also in c#q07001.tra, the spelling error for Dorn ("half-ord") was corrected.

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Download is updated. Changes concerning translations are:



c#q01001.tra line 135 now reads:

@135 = ~*sigh* It wouldn't be the first time someone did such a mischief to himself. And yet, it is only fair to consider the motivation for his actions.~


lines 188 and 189: change of "unctuous and greasy"

@188 = ~Are they finished with their greasy behaviour?~

@189 = ~I say! Are they finished with their unctuous behaviour?~


c#q04001_3_4_5.tra: line 85 now reads:

@85 = ~I am sorry for the wife and child, having such a husband and father.~


c#q10001.tra: line 142 now reads:

@142 = ~Ah, baby hamsters. How cute, and so soon! Look, <CHARNAME>. Boo, you nasty little heartbreaker. You are a proud papa now!~


drunk_beregosttemple.tra: line @24 now belongs to EDWIN (former Xzar)

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Attention translators, in the current version (_140302) there is four new lines of text:


in c#q01001.tra:

@244 = ~I'd make the pieces small enough so you can put them into your potion bottle, mage. Deal?~

@245 = ~That is so thoughtful of you, Montaron, dear.~


in c#q02005.tra:

@269 = ~Jaheira, d-do you remember the necklace I wanted t-to buy you once, the one with the tiger...~

@270 = ~I was thinking of exactly the same, Khalid. But no need to let this story be heard by everyone. Ahem.~

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Hello there!

I've noticed that you didn't release polish version of the mod, cause it is missing some translations.

I would like to pick the translation up and finish it, so everyone in my country could use it happily.


Please give me the needed files/text and short instructions how it should be done and I will get to work asap :)



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Hello and thank you for volunteering!

I would ask you to get in contact with Zed Nocear and Cahir, though, as one of them said he would work on it (to prevent double work).


If you download the v9 from the downloads page: http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=698


The old Polish files are in bgqe/tra/polski - you should be able to use them as they are, except for the lines mentioned here - but double check would be best, I think, as I had to adjust some lines for the new quest flow in some instances.


These files you'd have to compare to the current version in bgqe/tra/classic/english (ignore the folder "utf8"). You'd have to compare every file for new content, as well as look for new files alltogether.


-Send the files to me in the correct BGII ANSI encoding.


Thank you very much in advance!

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Kirkor, this translation is being handled by Zed Nocear. I thought about finishing it for a while, but since Zed already worked on it, I didn't want to interfere. I didn't heard from him fo a while, though, so I can't tell if he finished it or not. Try to poke him with PM here, or even better on Polish Children of Bhaal forum, maybe you will be able to reach him there.

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