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BGQE: Call for Translations and Proof readers

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Hi :)


I have updated/translated in italian language "Baldur's Gate mini quest and encounters version 10", and I have only to test the files.tra.

When I finished I have to send all the italians.tra files to jastey's e-mail?



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I sent to Jastey the italian files.




1. I noticed in file "C#Q04EGGDELIVERY.TRA" (line 55) <CHARNME> and not <CHARNAME> (corrected in italian file).


2. In "Fallen Paladin quest" there are npc reactions (I think lines from 155 to 162 in c#q05001.tra) about Sir Dauron also if I encounter nanny (in the area "AR7700.are") before Sir Dauron in area ARA002.are.


3. Wyvern Head (c#q04003.itm) from Nashkell Monster Quest seems to be not installed correctly. It is not in the game (I used "Console")



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