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Changed Amber mod V4 - unofficially "fixed" (BETA)


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Hi. I am currently trying out some mods (including Bg2Tweaks with multi-romance) for my playthrough of Baldurs gate 2 Enhanced edition, and want to have as many romanceable women in my party as possible. (Big surprise right? :))


As to that purpose I have updated the V4 of Amber mod with one fix to install script, and one "fix" for my playstyle:


fix 1: Updated the install script to use correct line for sound files - Sound files now work for Amber.


"fix" 2: Edit Amber script to allow multi-romance to work.

- Disabled scripts that set amber to NOT romance (M#AmberRomanceActive 3) if multiromance is active or any of the other women are in romance with player.



For anyone interested I can upload this version somewhere, but there are two caveats:


Caveat 1 - ONLY if the original author/current owner whatever allows me to spread this. I don't want to hijack this mod, it is excellent work with just a few bugs in the scripts

(Alternatively, i can make a version with just fix 1 in and upload that if wanted by the owner).


Caveat 2 - The multi-romance fix is NOT thorougly tested (I am currently running with this version of the mod, but only for a short time, and all i can say is "so far it is working perfectly".) - USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

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I have heard nothing so far, but unfortunately I have some bad news as well:


More playthrough found some bugs with the multi romance "fix". It triggers the initial conversations started by Amber on many occasions. Not as often as to make it unplayable, but often enough to break immersion for me. I have checked the variables in use in the script, and they should NOT trigger as far as I see. The conversation started was triggered by 2 global variables, which did not have the values needed to trigger it when i checked them in a save game. The only conclusion i can come through is that the multi romance patch in Bg2tweaks messes with one of these variables as well in runtime, and such triggers the dialog.


I have been running (and modifying) both Fade and Amber NPC mods, and after more testing i decided to uninstall the Amber mod for now. The script is much harder to get an overview of in Amber than in Fade in my opinion.


I have Fade working with multi romance now, and also have the npcflirt mod and Romantic encounters mod working with multi romance.


What i have done for all 3 mods (fade, npcflirt and RE) is change the script and dialogs that set the global romance variable for for that perons to 3 (meaning the romance is over). They now set a bogus variable to 3 instead, one that is not used anywhere, keeping the actual romance global variable for that person as is. For instance a dialog option setting "JaheiraRomance" to 3 now will set "JaheiraRomanceXX" to 3 instead, leaving the existing "JaheiraRomance" variable as it was before the dialog.


This means more than multiromance, this also means dialog options that usually lead to you picking one or the other or even dismissing one or the other, will NOT stop or hinder the romance. So all the women are now very persistent and dont give up on you QUITE so easily, but you still have to earn their affection just as much as before ;)



BTW, If you just want the sound fix for Amber mod, that is easy to fix and will work flawlessly (it is just a change of an install parameter, nothing in the scripts of the mod).

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