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BGEE/BG2EE: Override folders and priorities

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I haven't seen this posted somewhere already, so I want to share a more complete list of override folders and their priorities for both BG:EE and BG2:EE.

  1. GAME\Lang\xx_YY\Movies (overrides all others)
  2. GAME\Lang\xx_YY\Sounds
  3. GAME\Lang\xx_YY\Scripts (BG:EE only?)
  4. USER\Movies
  5. USER\Characters
  6. USER\Portraits
  7. USER\Sounds
  8. USER\Scripts
  9. USER\Override
  10. GAME\Movies
  11. GAME\Characters
  12. GAME\Sounds
  13. GAME\Scripts
  14. GAME\Override (is overriden by all others)

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Some of this contradicts what is already in IESDP:


[Redacted the existing IESDP list to avoid confusion]


Has the override folder order changed?

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The list in my first post is based on tests I have done for BG:EE v1.2 and BG2:EE v1.2.2030. I was able to verify parts of it by browsing the binary code of the game executables. It is possible that it worked differently in older game versions.

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