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Any way to display an animation beyond LOS range (in fog of war)?


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Trying to find a way to show an animation beyond party's sight range.


Area-embedded animations were supposed to be the solution (they display beyond LOS), but so far I haven't been able to get them to work as I need. Mainly because I can't get either StaticStart() or StaticSequence() actions to do anything. I don't need an animation that displays in the area until I tell it to, so it has to either be Invisible=1 or with an empty display schedule. But in either of those cases, calling StaticStart() or StaticSequence() from a script does not start the animation (yes, I've doublechecked that the scripts are in fact executing).


Is there any other known way to do this? For example, with any of the flags or fields in the VVC file?

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Try using the action AmbientActivate() to activate or deactivate your ARE background animations. They should be displayed outside of your party's sight range just fine.

Awesome, this works.


Well, you could arrange the party to have greater sight range if you are thinking of this as a cut scene, you can do it by casting a spell that use the opcodes that Farsight or Wizard Eye spells uses.

And this gives me an idea on how to do something else I wasn't quite sure about.



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