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SCS - Cheese, monsieur?


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i wish to start by expressing my gratitude for the enhanced AI and all the other improvements. They are really enriching the game for me.


That being said, i could not help but be lead to some misconceptions about my own place in the power-pecking order when i left chateau irenicus.

As was customary for me, i went ahad and casted arcane magic in the city in order to convince the cowled wizards to deliver me easy XP and items of worth, like they always did.


Sufficient to say the only thing they had to deliver was a copious amount of whoopass right to my face.


After the 15th application of the quickload HLA my wildmage had to concede to the fact that he could not outfight them easily.

That however did not mean he was ot of options and the sheming began.


The core problem for him was, that he simply could not dispel this many defenses, defend himself and attack. Considering he would surely face spellcasters of equal or greater power later on, tactics had to be formulated.


Throwing fireballs from out of sight was quickly proven pointless, for the mages had fire immunity.

Slinging other spells (level 5 spells the maximum available) like skulltrap only triggered the mages attack routine.


After a good long sitting and a quick stint at the chateau d'slave for some venture capital, a plan was formulated. Here again the core problems:

- The squishy wizards would not be brought low in open combat at this stage of my power

- simple off line of sight attacks do not work and in fact only attract attention

- just NOT killing them for loot and xp was OUT OF THE QUESTION!


Wait a moment, squishy wizards?!



Time for mortal kombat:


The Locale? Southend of waukeens promenade, because noone ever goes there.

The Time? Noon, of course.

The Combatants? Me, Safarimon, renown wildmage of many reloads and Jaheira "please summon crap to tank spells" McDeadweight. And 4 cowled enforcers.

The Plan?


RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY! And quickly so. In fact cast haste and gain their attention, let the old coot warp in and give his speech while you run away real quick. Prudence is the better part of valor? Live today to fight another day? Nah. More like: "Did an'one order cheese?!"


Freshly having evaded the wizards that portaled in, the circus began: spell sequencer, cast from Nahals was the first step. Minor sequencer the second.

The sequencers now had in them:

- Greater malison, web and stinking cloud for the big sequencer

- 2x chaos shield for the minor


We begin with using the minor to buff up.

Then we use the bigger sequencer to bombard the locartion of the wizards with Malison, stinking cloud and web. Due to them being weak nerds and having their saves ruined they all got stuck either webbed or the ground like logs. Both states would prevent them from gulping their potions.

Part 2 of th diabolical plan involed casting 2 cloudkill spells from the spellbook to begin the slow murder. With the stage set for death, death was what we tried to invoke next.

"Symbol, death" cast via nahals was like playing the lottery: either you win or you lose.

Needless to say, after 4 nahals, 2 symbols were nough to slay the wizards.

In retrospect, "symbol, Stun" would probably have been the more efficient method. But alas dead wizards are dead and everything was good.


Good, right until spirit trolls MURDERED Safarimon in D'arnise Keep.


Fortnately, the whole troll problem would be resolved by cheese again: spellsequencer Greater malison, web and stinking cloud to immobilize, cloudkill and this time nahals incendiary cloud for the actual killing.


Sufficient to say: Nahals incendiary cloud takes a reall toll on anything not fire resitant and was always a spell Safarimon ignored entirerly.


The arcane mileage you get out of cloud spells is amazing. No need to empty the high level spellbook everytime, using all the minor spellslots regularly to invoke restrictive spells like stinking cloud and web in order to immobilize targets so a single incendiary/cloud/kill can kill them is very spell efficient.


And this all is around level 9/10, the true cheese has not even begun...






- If the encounters are too difficult for you, try invoking stinking cloud, web and greater malision to restrict enemy movement. Then stick cloudkills and incendiary clouds onto thtarget area and run away until things have died down. Or throw fireballs and skullstraps....

- stock up on potions of invisibility for the whole party. When you are ambushed have everyone quaff one down. Then run away and start combat from a better postion, like outside the clouds your opponents now sit in....



Cowled wizard PoV:

- you just portaled into the city, all yo usee right now is sparkly bits and you have to adjust for a second, but all you see is that cloud of spells racing towards your face.

- Suddenly you are entangled with sticky webs and your mind slips in and out of conciousness because the air is really bad here.... and you can't do anything about it.

- Suddenly you feel the stinging sensation of your SKIN MELTING of of you. A cloudkill must be in place! Its noxious vapors turn your skin and flesh into mush. The pain is excruciating. If just you could reach a potion...

- Sweet release is close, your fellow wizards already got their ticket out of this torture flick via enemy Symbol, Death, and so will you. You know it.

- But no, since you just HAD to pack that charm of death protection you must endure the pain of beign dissolved alive all to the end.

- You are dead now. That feels so much better.




I hope it didn't bore you.

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cool story, bro


hehe, couldn't resist




Last time I was messing with the cowled wizards with level 7/8 party (by pre-trapping entrance to Copper Coronet and casting stoneskin, lol) they just killed me. oh, noes...

1 - immune to traps

2 - first cowled wizard, who actually is cowled, summoned glabrezu

3 - glabrezu wiped out my entire party practically by himself/herself/itself

4 - abu dalzim from second cowled wizard, who actually was not cowled, helped him/her/whatever a little


there's no moral to this cool story

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Facing the fact that the Wildmage kit is overpowered as cheater_box_out_of_no_where in a non-ToB level game, with casting time 5 of anydpell you have in your spellbood, I bet the SCS was pretty much far superior to the non SCS game ... at least to what comes to the reload or die ration of aspect. Was it not ?

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