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A few questions from an Imp, about the BG2 Opcode table.

Jarno Mikkola

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First of all, the opcode table seems like it has had a lot of info added to it as of late, and I am not sure if I can rely to it completely when it comes to hte original BG2:ToB patched to v2.5.26498, without fixpack and ToBEx, BGEE/BG2EE etc things, I understand the wish to add knowledge, but if we loose the ground we have gained, it's no use. So I have to ask, can we still rely on all the features working as they are said in the table ? And if not, can it be made clearer ? Yes, with colors, separators etc... imagine if the table as your worst nightmare ... :D ... just kidding.

Or we could just make a new table for BGEE/ToBEx games.


Second..., can the Opcode table have two or more different columns for the same values ?

I ask this cause if it's too difficult to program, or it will take too much space, having additional info is not always necessary, but as I am asking of a feature that's related, this would come with "only if you can with the current system" -labeled. :)


As I would simply a request that you would add in the hexadecimal numbers to some of the opcode Parameter 2's values, when it's appropriate, good examples are Opcodes 12 and 13. I'll leave it to your discretion when it's needed, but perhaps also to 0, 42, 62, as the values seem to be clearly hexa-based... this is helpful mostly for weidu .tp2 coding.

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