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Need Help with Mod Install Order


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Hey every one, I'm new here and I just wanted to seek some advice for my billionth playthrough of the Baldur's Gate series and I desperately need help with the correct order to install mods. I think I have most of them right, however I keep running into an issue when I play. All the mods install fine, but when I enter Nashkel, or the area where Gorion is killed [i'm using BGT by the way] I get almost unplayable drops in framerate that will not stop until I leave the area. All I can think is that I screwed up the mod install order. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. The mods which I use are below, listed in the order which I've been installing them. I'm really running out of ideas here. Thank you in advance, any assistance is appreciated.

  1. BG2 Fixpack
  2. Baldur’s Gate Trilogy
  3. NPC Project
  4. BG1 Unfinished Business
  5. BG2 Unfinished Business
  6. De’Arnise Romance
  7. Banter Packs
  8. IEP Extended Banters
  9. NPC Flirt Packs
  10. Romantic Encounters
  11. BG2 Tweak Pack
  12. Sword Coast Stratagems
  13. Wizard Slayer Rebalancing
  14. 1PP
  15. W_GUI
  16. Widescreen Mod
  17. eSeries AI Scripts
  18. PaintBG

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Widescreen Mod


These are definitely in the wrong order, result out of a ~1650x1080 resolution, cut a bit and re-sized to 50%.



Other than that... I would go and rely on the defaults in the BWS tools compilations, and removing the extras you don't want.

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Well the BWS tool works by you extracting it to some random place, then you provide it with a working and patched vanilla v2.5.26498 BG2:ToB folder, and a download folder, it will check things, like already existing downloaded files in the named download folder, and the installs integrity, and if it will approve, it will then ask for a Compilation style and your changes to them(customization), offer to make a backup, and it will then download the mod files and it will then extract and install them. It's a long process too, so it won't be over in 10 minutes... but you are free to choose all the mods components as free as possible like in the manual install. Make sure to push the "..." button next to the Compilation chooser to customize the Compilation.

You might want to check the very long thread linked in my signature, it's old, but it will clear hopefully a few things.

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