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SQL files

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Has anyone figured out what the flavor of SQL being used is? I want to think that it's a custom in-memory database (not SQLite or the ilk) due to non-standard syntax.


One such example, from baldur.ini:

INSERT INTO options ROWS (...)

where the (...) seems to indicate multiple rows, despite the syntax indicating a single very large row in standard SQL implementations.


Another example is that in BGEE.sql (from BG:EE), comments are made using the "//" syntax of C-derived languages, not the "--" of standard SQLs.


Another example is what appears to be a call into an application function, such as setting globals or playing sound:

   SELECT .CUIManager_InvalidateRect('');
   global( 'currentmenu', menus.name[$1].id );
   doscript( %menu, 'onOpen' );

   SELECT .PlaySound($1);


So, while it initially appears to be SQL, this almost feels like pseudo-sql that's actually a new scripting language.

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