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Let's talk SWtOR!

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This has been like, the worst start of a year ever. And the last two weeks of last month sucked.


(So, no, I haven't even touched Poor Unnamed Paladin Chick who just happens to be black so deal with it world. But I'll get to her, hopefully. Got to finish Ajantis first, but first finishing my stupid mage stronghold. At least I can zoom through ToB fast without Ascension. Though I miss Ascension...)


Tried writing the brothers a bit. Altan still hates me, but I do like his banters.



Sort of played Inqusition for a bit, inbetween the being horribly sick and my life falling to pieces (I'm only slightly exaggerating). I'm playing a female Qunari going for Sera, and it's actually kind of funny. I flirted with Sera on my last two characters- my Dalish elf and then my male human. The male human, of course, she shot down twice- once with a "LOLZ NOT EVEN" and the second with a sweeter (for Sera) "It's a shame, we have so much in common- we both like woman!". But my Dalish Elf, Sera gave as good as she got. The Qunari, though? Well, Sera thinks Qunari are *hot*. So sometimes, when I flirt with her, she gets so flustered that she can't say anything or just lamely says "...Woof". For Sera, it's sort of adorable.


As for the crazy in the DA:I, latest tumblr screaming has been on weather the Iron Bull/Dorian relationship is unhealthy or abusive or not. I can so not deal with that, so right now I'm blocking the Iron Bull and Dorian tags so I don't see the arguements, which is sad, as I'm missing all sorts of cool fanart. (I've fallen in love with Dragon Age fanart.) But, sanity first. Always sanity first!



As for Arl Eamon... yeahhhh. I mean, I can sort of understand in some parts: most of the horrible treatment given to Alistair was basically Eamon doing what Isolde wanted (and she was afraid Alistair was Eamon's bastard). But I mean, Isolde is at least honest to Alistair's face: she dislikes him. Eamon plays a caring uncle one minute, and then is being horrible to Alistair the next. Honestly, if I support Alistair in politics, I make sure my character is either with him or acting as his BFF second. Because Eamon is totally going to use Alistair.


(Also, Eamon was pushing Cailain to divorce the woman he was in love with, which, wah. Of course, Cailain was about to go on with it, so...dicks, all of them.)



Oh, as for Fort Drakan... that's a really funny sequence, actually. Breaking out yourself (or with Alistair) is always fun, but if you decide to wait, you can send two of your friends to break you out (this is called back in DAII's Mark of the Assassin DLC, where once again you get thrown in a prison with one companion and have to wait for the other two to break you out (...yeahhhh.). (I had a bug with extra dog slot that I could only send one, though. So Lei broke us out BY HERSELF. Because she's just that good.) Some of the priceless ones are Lei with Wynne (or Morg) where they dress up as Chantry sisters, Zev and Oghran pretending to be a circus troope, or just Sten and Dog, "I am a giant with a Mabari. I am either making a delivery or besieging your fort. Pray it is the former."- or something like that. I don't know. Ah, Sten. Some characters can basically get you out with no violence- Lei and Zev, mainly- and then you have Morg and Sten, who can't lie for the life of them, and are just making it up as they go along. Hee.

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I hope things will start looking up for you soon, Twani.


As for my inquisition capers...Uh, I finally decided to go romance Solas. Its starting out so veeeery sweet. My dad, who started playing Inquisition without playing the other two games, thought I would go romance Cullen. Hah. I told him I was going to make a human mage for that.


I think I already posted my thoughts on the Therin bloodline, or at least from Maric onwards. I think Maric, Cailan, and Alistair are idiots. Maric didn't really do anything meaningful other than fight for Ferelden's independence, and bring the Grey Wardens back to Ferelden, and other than that it was really Loghain ruling Ferelden. Cailan is an idiot because Ostagar, and he was about to listen to his uncle and divorce the wife that he obviously loved to go marry Empress Celene, and I partially think that Isolde might have had a hand in that idea. Oh, and theres the fact that Anora was really ruling Ferelden, just as her father did when Maric was king. Alistair is an idiot as well, he thinks he owes Arl Eamon something despite the fact that Arl Eamon treated him like crap, and yes some of it was at Isolde's direction. Then, there's the whole stupidity of him abandoning his duty if Loghain is allowed to become a Grey Warden, and claiming that Duncan wouldn't have wanted Loghain to be a Grey Warden in the first place. Yeesh, Alistair, you've only known Duncan for six months, you wouldn't know what Duncan would have wanted.


All of that being said, at least Alistair can get a little bit smarter if you harden him, and imo, place him on the throne with Anora. That way you don't have to worry about Eamon running things amok, and Anora and Alistair kind of do the whole checks and balances thing with themselves.

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Well you can always get Alistair a mighty Grey Warden Cousland wife. Though it feels like a "Dark Side" option (two grey wardens mean just few decades of peace and then a civil war - no heirs there - although Alistair has to go through "The Ritual", I wonder, what would Morrigan think about her son becoming a king - they can meet with Alistair in DA:I - but no "small talk" about that there - though they talk about Kieran being Alitairs son). And the higher position you get the less Awakening seems realistic (very few people even care about your title there). Prince-consort, Queen or a chancellor do not often run around killing mob. The same goes for Teyrns and even Banns. In the end I chose the Teyrnir (and before that the chancellor position with my first character - city elf warrior). It seemed like a nice option... Your character becoming a mistress of the king (while he is married to Anora - ex teyrna with no blood right to get the throne btw - but nevertheless getting her together with Alistair is a best chance for peace). And two Couslands becoming two most important nobles in the kingdom (Teyrns of Highever and Gwaren). Then again there is a problem with heirs. Fergus still has a chance to get a proper one... And for the grey warden, there is always a political marriage and adoption (which is not really an option for a royal grey warden couple - again it would mean a civil war). Well dwarven noble has even harder decisions for him. He can be an heir to hopeless Lord Harrowmont. Or just get to the throne his able but sinister younger brother. A very tough decision there...

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Hm, I have to say... after DA:I, Alistair is growing on me again.


I never exactly hated him in DA:O (he was the first character I romanced, and believed me, I cried when er, something unfortunate happened on the roof), but the more I played the game, the more I found him problematic (I think, also, the more I got older, ha). He seems, well, very young and naive. I don't exactly blame him in particular for that: from the way his childhood went, he's actually lucky to have turned out so funtional, and then after the god awful childhood that involved sleeping in kennels and being kept away from all the important things, he was basically cloistered in to a religious facility to be trained to become a drug addict that eventually goes crazy because of lyrium (according to him, he got out before he started getting dosed, but I believe by the comics, he's been retconned in to taking it). After that hell, he latches on to the first figure who treats him nice (and Duncan seemed to encourage this, keeping Alistair to some degree sheltered still), and then that person dies and he's in an extremely stressful quest to save the world, and, yeah, his life sort of sucks. He's what, 21 in Origins? He's a kid. And, going by Darkspawn Chronicles, if left on his own, this kid can do a decent enough job of getting to the end game if not for super dark spawn uber player character.


(Having said that, especially considering the whole werewolves thing, Morrigan was almost definitely pushing him.)


...Yet all that doesn't excuse that one thing he does. You know. If you choose that certain decision.


(And it's really that one thing that turns me away from him. I can deal with him needing Wynne to fix his shirts, I can deal with him throwing tantrums if you go practical and assume the worst will happen if you leave Redcliffe, I can deal with him screaming if you defile the ashes of his messieh figure in order to gain favor with a crazy dragon cult, I could even deal with him storming away to deal with the blight BY HIMSELF DAMNIT... but not him doing what he did. Just. No.)



Yet having said that... there are two possible ways he can appear in DA:I, as King or as Warden. And you know what? With ten years, he's become pretty badass.


King is probably what people will first run in to, and he's still snarky and goofy (as the war table missions prove)... but he also handles his authority well and is no-nonsense about his choice. If he married Anora, he's working well with her: no, I don't think they're in love, but they seem to have reached an understanding together, which is good.


But Warden? He's even better.



As proven when he meets Mister Binky. Your companions get in a funk, Hawke finds it unpleasant, Loghain gets morose about failing everything... the taunting seems to have a pretty good affect. Then he tries Alistair, who is like 'Bitch, please, I've heard worse from Morrigan!' His meeting with Morrigan is also rather mature, and he takes sacrifcing himself or being exiled with grace. I was actually... really impressed with him. Not bad from the dorky boy who threw a fit about Loghain.




As a side note for heirs, if your Cousland marries Alistair while in a relationship with Zev, when he mentions how there will likely be no heirs, you can tell him that he may have no heirs, but you'll have them. So... there may be another elf blooded for the throne.

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Well as Gaider said somewhere a child of a warden is (very) highly improbable. A child of a warden couple is nearly impossible. So in any case getting your character on the throne seems irresponsible. Btw which of Alistairs decisions you dislike?


And I liked Alistair very much. He was the best character IMHO. Well, the rest of them were more or less bad. Just few remarks now and then and that was all. In the end I would give Dragon Age Origins (and Awakening) 7/10. It was not a bad game, but often it was boring. And I hated the bugs. OMG so many of them even after many years. I had to use console very often (to get to the DLC content like Wardens Keep etc.). I lost some of the DLC stuff in the expansion. I lost all the stuff for my main character while being imprisoned by the Architect (its a common bug). All in all it was really a shame... After those great origins you get a very mediocre game, where just very few people cared, if you are of dwarven nobility, from elven ghetto or a child of one of the most powerful nobles in whole Ferelden. I liked the game after (including) Orzammar (I did it always as a last of the alliance quests). There was that "Moria" (Tolkien) feel. Arls Howe mansion in Denerrim was also quite fun. The same goes for the Landsmeet. And I liked Awakening even more. Really the expansion was better than the original game. Though I got quickly frustrated, that nobody cared about my decisions at the end of the OC. After the visit of Alistair or Anora nobody was interested, if you are a Bann of the Elven Alienage, Teyrn of Gwaren, Prince-Consort or a Queen, Chancellor etc. I seriously think, that for a human noble, it should be much easier to get the local nobility "in line". I mean seriously a sibling of the Teyrn of Highever or a queen should not really get any crap from the local northern banns. What could they gain by that? Thats clearly a battle above their level.


I also got claustrophobic from all the invisible barriers. I got often stopped by a 10 cm hill or even grass. And all of those annoying sidequests... Get there to that random location (with the same appearance as five random locations before) and kill that guys. Contact five apprentices, soldiers, traitors etc. Get 10 garnets (the toughest quest in the game imho), toxins etc. So bad... When you just compare it to Baldurs Gate 2, where sidequest had their storylines (Trademeet, Umar Hills, cult of the Unseeing Eye etc. - I mean it was not VtM Bloodlines sidequest quality but...), or when you compare Athkatla with Denerrim (well Denerrim marketplace - there was nothing else really)... Even the architecture (except of Ostagar) was so dull. In the end its really very visible, how dumb Dragon Age is.

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Hi folks, I am still playing a lot of SWTOR. The weirdest thing that happened to me was that when I came to heal Hoth Commander with my new Guild, with my Sage... Well, in every game for a while, I had a character named Quinly. I simply like that name, don't know why. So, my Sage is called Quinly-farlong, just like my KOTOR1 and 2 Consulars. So, you know how the guys immediately shortened the name in chat?


Quin, of course. So, yeah, I haven't thought of that! I guess, I will have to save cc's for a rename. Because it hurt to be called the same as my least favorite Healer in the game. :)

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I am still playing, and stuff. But renamed the Sage. :)

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I sold Bastila Shan robes on GTN for 3 mln credits. Its worth much more like 6mln or even more but who cares?? 3 mln creds muahhahaha I'm rich!!


Rolled vanguard tank shield specialist. Soloed Mandalorian Rage +4 heroics on Nar Shadaa, was lvl 27, companion Treek obviously. Time for tanking some flashpoints I think.

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hello!!!!...is anybody out there?


lets talk Dragon Age Inqusition again. I finally finished the game. Female elf rogue archer romancing Sera. Dumped nosferatu Solas for her, hehehehehe



final boss was very disappointing and laughable easy "fight" as I predicted so I wasn't even surprised. well...

Once I reached lvl 13/15 the game become so easy I raised difficulty from normal to hard. From now on there was only one really challenging fight (for Sulein(?) blade) but only because they were much higher lvl than my party (at least 4 lvl higher iirc). so I finished this run (for the record) and after some time (when the dlc for ps4 was announced) I decided to give it another go, waiting for the dlc, on nightmare this time.

Rolled another female archer rogue, only dwarf this time for the lulz with the Iron Bull (for magic defence in fact, shhhh...) and...

I'm lvl 6 right now after a couple of days of derp huur durr and constant rage and frustration I finally learned how to play on nightmare and I must say that I have much more fun playing on nightmare for like 15 hours than playing on normal/hard entire game.

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I completed storylines of few other characters. I must say, that I certainly dont like all classes with just 4m reach. This is why I will never play again sentinels, juggernauts etc.


So far I still love trooper most (I have Vanguard tank and Commando gunnery DPS). Best crew, nice refreshing story with many salutes and well looking armors.


Imp. Agent would be second, but just because of the great story. The gameplay is not that great, you are often just looking on a bar, until your abilities (snipe, ambush...) are completed and released. I will try the operative as well. Event though he has also mostly 4m abilities.


Third would be sith inqusitor. I completely love playing my Sith Assassin tank and I will try Lightning sorc. as well. Yet the story is lacking somehow. It is good, but for example Darth Thanaton is a terrible antagonist. Crew is very boring.


Well and last so far is Sith Warrior. I played as a Juggernaut tank. He is very competent it that role (even best of all other tank classes I think). Yet the gameplay is terrible. You have to run around like a fool, because all his abilities have short range. With the exception of 10m scream, which is not that much included in his ideal rotation. Yet there is Vette. My favourite NPC so far. And dark side storyline really feels very dark. Especially because of the quests regarding Jaesa. Who then becomes your evil-demented apprentices. Damn she is really crazy.


I tried other classes as well. Jedi Knight is so far good only because of Kira. All other things are wrong. Listening to his answers is a paved way to brain damage. Gameplay is terrible as well.


Bounty hunter seems like a nice counterpart of the rep. trooper. His battle animations are even better. Armors are not so good looking though. Story is pretty boring though and does not fit well into the game (same problem as with the smuggler - why would he accept most of the jobs/quests?). Half of the crew is funny and well written, the other half is not so good. But in the end, BH will make a nice high level character.


I cant really get into playing the smuggler. He is funny at times and has great lines. Yet his story is also not that well written. Crew is completely bad (why Vette admired Risha so much?), except for the mando girl (and the squid guy you get near the end), which seems like a fun character. In the end smuggler really does not fit into the game well.


I will not give another chance to the jedi consular. Voince acting (especially for the male voice) is ripping my ears. Whole crew is not interesting and story is like watching a television series about an insurance company.


So in the end... From the rep. side I really like only the trooper. Interesting really. To have a fun all the way I would recommend trooper and sith inqusitor.

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Tank gameplay is imo the best. Absolutely. As DPS all you have to do is just stand there and do a basic rotation and move only when stupid cast under your feet. don't stand in the stupid. lol (I know that if you want to be really good dps you must learn how to keep dealing decent damage while moving but thats a different story)

As a Tank you must move sometimes quite a lot (you even have a skill for that) , grab a boss drag him away, grab some adds, guard the hardest hitting dps! hold the line hold aggro, don't screw up or wipe ;]


what I really love to do is:

- storm the toughest dude surrounded by mobs

- use a harpoon on some other guy (usually ranged strong or silver/gold) pulling him to me

- explosive surge x2

- shock strike


- AOE mortar volley everything


I just love it

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Guys! Guys! (and gals, too)



So, Shadow of Revan. Strongholds. Ziost and the Emperor's gone BAD. It's all already happened, and made SWTOR bigger and better.


But. But. But now.


Knights of the Fallen Empire.


On one hand, it's pretty scary: there's a time jump. There's a "level 60 character from scratch" thing. There's yet another level cap at 65, which makes all those MK-10 kits and level 58 stuff pretty useless.


On the other hand, they're going to enhance all the eight class stories somehow. They're going to give us a nine-chapter story expansion for all of our characters. New companions. New romances and betrayals.


Free for all subscribers - and Shadow of Revan + Makeb will be free to all subscribers in late October, too.


Starting on October 27th, and early access - October 20th. More info on dulfy.net.


That's gotta be worth it.

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Looks epic!

Not sure what do they mean by "free to subscribers": if I subscribe after release - can I get it? Though new companion - even if he is as talkative as HK55 - is a huge temptation and good enough reason to get back!

Not to mention, BW deserves it's money.

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Yes, if you subscribe after release(say, in November), you'll get it automatically. :) (You'll skip the rewards, but I guess the new companion will be available afterwards for an additional fee or something).

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