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I've been offline a while...is Berelinde still around?


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Thank you for the reassurance, Jastey, and for responding so quickly. I'm glad I'm not the only one who was worried. Well, since you have spoken to berelinde I'll assume for now that she is all right, or at least pretty much so. Thank you for putting my mind at ease. I was really getting worried.

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I'd forgotten all about Petals and Thorns! I know that lady who hosts it was going to let it go but decided to keep it running, but when the Valen Romance was abandoned I hadn't been checking there lately.


Sorry to worry you, Domi! I'm glad we all seem to be fine after all, especially Berelinde. :)

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Hiya! Yeah, I'm still around. The last three years have been insane for a number of reasons, but I'm modding again.


To be honest, the size of the backlog is daunting, but I'm starting to chip away at it. Logging on to the forums twice in as many days is sign, right?


Thanks for being so patient!


After such a lengthy absence and radio silence, an explanation is owed. The short story is that I had been unemployed for a long time, but I finally found work, and it takes a lot out of me. The long story involves family drama (siblings, not partner), poor life/work balance, and health issues, but mostly, I was on a month-to-month contract, so I had to make myself indispensable. The assignment became permanent a few months ago, so I'm in the process of catching up.

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I second that! These women have been so helpful to me in the development of my BG I project mod. These are the people who have been consistently helpful not only in answering N00b questions and sharing information. Not to mention that the characters created by each of these women have made my Baldur's Gate games so much more interesting.


Which reminds me... I've been developing a character-based quest mod. As the various aspects of my mod approach alpha completion (there are four interlinked companions and a minor quest), I am curious about how to proceed with the next steps. Individual characters and the skeletal form of the quest are reaching the point where, in the next few weeks, they'll greatly benefit from others' input and testing. How does one post content for testing by members of the modding community still interested in alpha-stage testing?


Also, as one might expect at this late date, I've developed a considerable amount of cross-mod content to more seamlessly integrate my companions with a "typical" party. In order to proceed, do I need to strip the characters' interaction files to only include dialogue with "canon" characters? These may sound like terribly basic questions, but I'm not even sure which characters are considered open for character interaction (Imoen, Jaheira, Khalid, Yeslick, Alora, etc.) and which have been adopted and adapted by modders and, as such, need approval for additional content (Ajantis, Coran, Kivan, Xan, Viconia, Dynaheir, etc.). And then there's true "cross-mod" interactions with original characters like White, Gavin, Valerie, and others who have become standard parts of the "typical" modded game. I myself run a "Big World" setup with a very mixed party and have delusions of integrating my new characters with pre-existing ones so that gamers like myself would not be able to tell which were original characters and which were mods.


It makes me queasy at times. I can separate content, but need to know how to package it so that if someone wanted to use the content, they could... I know this is a lot of questions, but I have searched the forums for weeks and find either conflicting information or none at all. Again, I thank ya'll for all that you have ALREADY done to help beginners like myself and what you have done to breathe life into what, essentially, are very old games.

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Hi tibicina,


to find testers, I'd open a thread in the General Modding forum (if you have an alpha, of course, otherwise a thread to pronounce the upcoming alpha, if you want).

Crossmod: I wouldn't call interaction with the BioWare characters crossmod. But: If your NPC / quest characters want to comment on , e.g. BG1NPC Project content, it is recommended to get in contact with the authors, namely, if you want to comment on Xan's romance, for example, please get in contact with Kulyok. If you have anything for Ajantis, I would be happy to have a look at it, if you want to match the BG1NPC Project Ajantis characterisation, but I gave green light for any crossmod already so it's more an offer than a request.


As for real mods, it will simply give the player an error message during install, if (s)he doesn't have the NPC mod installed, so that is why the Crossmod Banter Pack exists - dialogue files can only be patched if they are already in the game, i.e. if the NPC mod is installed, and the Crossmod Banter Pack would go last.


As to how tp package your mod, best you have a look at other mods. Do you want to have the player chose every component single handedly? Do you want to give the choice to install everything in one go? Do you want to make the first mod component a pre-requisite that is required for the rest? If you know what you want, I guess someone would know a mod that would suit as an example for the installer.

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Thank you, jastey, for the information. I'm testing my NPC out on my BGT game first, then will test on my BGEE game to make sure the cross-platforming is working as expected. Maethor is an NPC with full banters and a longish romance-track that adapts to the gender of <CHARNAME> and allows the use of the belt of masculinity/femininity, so I am eagerly pushing forward to get her to alpha testing stage. Thank you especially for the offer of guidance regarding Ajantis romance conflicts. Given that Maethor is romance-able by either males or females (and, thus, could conflict with any other romance), I plan on contacting as many of the NPCBG1 project authors as possible. But that's down the road a bit. I still have major bugs to work out. Still, some of the programming is working (banters with Kivan have successfully fired), so I'm getting there.

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