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Two questions about Deheriana (SPOILERS)

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1. The readme states that the player character can help resurrect Deheriana "if the PC is one of the healing classes (Ranger, Druid, Cleric or Paladin)". However, will this still work if the PC has taken one of the kits that forbades healing magic (i.e., could an Inquisitor help resurrect Deheriana as a Paladin despite not knowing healing magic)?


2. After being resurrected, does Deheriana have to be in the party for Kivan to stay with you? Or will they both leave if you kick one of them out, like Khalid and Jaheira in BG1?


Thanks in advance for the help.

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Oh, gods be good, it has been a while. For the 2nd one, IIRC, Kivan and Deheriana will separate, and one of them will wait for the other. For the first one, given it was me who was coding, chances are very good that I did not check for kits, but for classes, but I am not sure now.

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