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Preview: Driders

Glam Vrock

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1st. This sounds fantastic. It's like all the things I've always thought about the Drow but never found the voice to properly say. His inability to get along with Kivan is icing on the cake.


2nd. Do you plan for Vynd to be playable through BG 2 and ToB?


3rd. Cannot wait to take him along, he sounds pretty hilarious.

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Indeed, a character of this profile, if avalaible from Beregost until TOB ......

(quite some content for sure, given what is visible for now, hm).

And so, with hope a public release will be possible "soon".

(And then, Im always amazed as to how communication work :p).

Tbs, nice dialogue "of course".

(And in case, Im setting up a game atm, BWS @70+/-, so check possible in the coming weeks..)

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