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Adding items to thebiglist


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Is it possible to add shields to thebiglist? Would I have to update the code as well? It's not mandatory as I guess I can add the items in manually, but it would allow easier adjustments.


I absolutely love the basis for this mod. AC has never made sense and while I like D&D ruleset, I also like modifying to make more sense. While I only need to know the answer the the questions above, here is my thought process.


While I like the direction of thebiglist, I don't think it takes it far enough.


First, I plan on renaming armor class to avoidance class (at least, spiritually). Avoidance Class or AC as I like to call it, handles the 3 methods of avoiding damage. Dodge, block and parry. While the biggest contributor to avoidance is dodge, they are all handled abstractly, so basically it is just deemed as a miss. Thus, the goal was to redesign the armor and shields to be able to work with this process.


Second, the thing most people forget to account for with "defense" is hit points. I am not a fan of HPs per se. They are antiquated and there really hasn't been a good method, in any game, to get rid of them. They are especially stupid in AD&D where a second level character miraculously has twice the life of a first level character. What are HP anyway? They are just a method of damage resistance. Of course, they can be abstracted away as battle experience. Two boxers with exactly the same muscle mass step into the ring and one is a vet while the other is a newbie, the vet would likely wipe the floor as he is familiar with how to get hit, how to take a hit and how to recover from a hit. However, the implication is that a 10 level vet can take 10 times the damage as a 1 level newb is poorly conceived.


So, my plan is as follows.


1: Armor only gives negative AC value (meaning your AC goes up in armor, never down). The heavier the armor, the larger the AC penalty. You should be able to avoid less wearing armor. Obviously the more magical armor will have a lesser penalty. This will also require adjusting the damage resistances.


2. Dexterity will always reduce your AC by it's full amount. This is counter acted by 1 whereas you have armor that increases your AC by 4, well, you would need Dexterity bonus of -4 to equal that out. Dexterity is mostly the dodge component of AC.


3. Shields will give much larger bonus to AC than currently. They compromise the block portion. A shield will give you the ability to completely block damage. Couple that with dodging and you should be able to avoid a significant amount.


4. Weapon styles will significantly effect the extra value you get. Sword and Shield will give a bonus to block AC. Single weapon style will give a bonus to parry AC. You may even get a small bonus with 2 handers. You will be able to put 5 proficiency points into styles that will help with avoidance. Unfortunately, these styles can only increase AC or missile avoidance, but that is really all that is needed by them.


5. Dexterity and Constitution will be balanced much closer to the 3e standard. Bonuses will happen at 12 and everyone will get the constitution bonus.


6. HP charts are going to be bottom heavy. You will now get likely 50% of your HP by level 10. This will A) counter the fact that you are avoiding less damage and B) make more sense idealistically with reference to someone doubling their health from level 1 to level 2.


Optional components:


1. Reworking all proficiencies. I have always hated how proficiencies have been handed in 2e AD&D and BG. All classes should be able to get more proficiencies and more points. Just balance it out better. This is why we see much fewer full class thieves and clerics.


2. Reworking THAC0. Just to put it in line with 3e BAB.


3. Rework saving throws.


4. Rebalanced Strength and to a lesser extent Wisdom, Charisma and Intelligence. Make them much more 3e compliant.


There is my plan in a nutshell. A lot has been done already. Still working on the armor balances. Maybe nobody cares, who knows. Either way, adding shields (and maybe even helmets) to the lists would be a bonus.

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