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BG:EE and Chitin.key Corruption


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Well this was a weird one. I installed the tweak pack on a local copy I had made of my iOS BGII:EE install. When I moved the files back over to my iPad, the game crashed on launch and I got this very odd console message:

Baldur's Gate II[3518] <Warning>: INFO: /Users/camerontofer/bgcode/code/libsql/sql_compiler.c(428): [Not Exists] Table 'dlc' not found.

I've been keeping this install of BG2 under git version control so I could track down mod changes for debugging purposes and I was surprised to see that the keyfile was changed. I did a quick binary diff and it seemed that the only thing that changed was WeiDU "fixed" all the BIFF paths to be all-uppercase instead of mixed-case as they apparently are by default. I also noticed that it decided to move the resource entries section two bytes further into the file, but the offset was corrected so no issue there. I'm not sure if you guys are aware but the iOS filesystem is case-sensitive. By uppercasing all the BIFF path entries WeiDU effectively made it impossible for BG:EE to locate the BIFF files on disk. Since there were no other changes I just swapped back to the original keyfile and all is well.


Now I see some mention of a WeiDU version issue so I may end up having to reinstall anyway, but that's a separate thing..



Oh and it's good to be back! :)

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