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Is this mod 100% finished?

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Just kinda curious

is this mode actually 100% finished? is it free from bugs and all that?

do the wall scenes/ MotB epilogues actually work fine for each romance?


Searched the forums here a bit and heard some bugs but since these posts are 2/3 years old Im curious to see if everything got fixed

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The mod, in its current incarnation, is finished in the sense that the content that is there works as intended. The Wall scenes and MotB epilogues work. Provided that the user does not install two mods that affect the same files. That is and has always been the source of most of the problems reported here. Unlike Infinity Engine modding, there is no way to check for components of incompatible mods and alert the user, so players have to do their homework. On a mostly-bare installation, the mod works fine.


However, there is more content planned. Domi has written a full Neeshka romance that still needs to be integrated, and I've got a Sand romance in the works that no one should hold their breath over.

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Have fun! I prefer not to promise anything having been away for a good number of years. I am simply overwhelmed by the quality of the new games (and by new I mean anything since 2005 when I fell out of the gaming orbit). Frankly neither NWN franchise is holding well against the SW entries, (and likely DA as well), nor I feel I personally can match the modern quality of the professional game creators any longer. Newer games are just that much more complex and awesome.

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Some day I'll have to play through NWN2 again with the mod. Unfortunately I find that the OC really drags in certain areas...Too many boring, generic combat encounters to sludge through. Still I have yet to do a play through where I join up with the thieves guild, which would be good for a character romancing Neeshka.

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