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[NEW NPC] Saradas Magic 2 [ENG] V_1.6 NOW FOR ToB

Message added by Mike1072,

An updated version of this mod has been provided by @Austin, adding compatibility with EET and classic BG2.

The full list of changes and download link for the new version are available in this post.

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the mod has an unwritten dependency. Original bg2 does not include an ids with SSE defined, so installation fails. Include dir.ids in the mod if you want it to be usable without ees.

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I added the EET compatibility to this mod (adapted the chapter variables and added the EET_TRANSITION function). Also, the mod is completely tra-ified, the file structure is put in order (now everything is not in one folder, but is divided into subfolders), iconv is added.
Please update it officially, if possible!

Edited by Austin
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2 hours ago, jastey said:

@Austin Did you take the version 1.7 from SHS into account for your changes?

No, I used the version that is in this thread (1.6). I didn't know what 1.7 is. But now I compared them and I do not see what exactly changed in version 1.7 - nothing is said about this in the changelog, and at the first examination I do not see the difference.

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20 minutes ago, Mike1072 said:

I used WinMerge to generate this list of files that were changed between 1.6 and 1.7:

  • english/English.tra
  • !scombus.spl
  • !sdrainr.spl
  • !sforce.spl
  • !spcnec.spl
  • !stun.eff (added)

Many thanks! I'll add this to my adaptation a little later to accommodate the changes!

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